A former web designer based in rainy Wiltshire, I used to create simple websites based on web standards.


I used to design websites that looked good and were easy to use. I also designed icons, logos and other graphics for the screen.


I handcrafted HTML that's semantic and search engine-friendly and I used CSS to bring the design to life.

Custom Themes

I was experienced in the design and build of custom themes for web platforms, such as WordPress.

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  • Circa Survive ~ Blue Sky Noise (Deluxe Version)
  • Circa Survive ~ The Amulet
  • Everything Everything ~ A Fever Dream
  • Michael Nyman ~ The Piano Sings
  • Jeremy Enigk ~ Ghosts
  • Stars ~ There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light
  • Circa Survive ~ Appendage
  • Circa Survive ~ On Letting Go: Deluxe Ten Year Edition
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